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October 7, 2019

Official minutes of the 10/07/2019 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by President Mike Zilm at the American Legion Post Hall.


36 Members in attendance

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.


Secretary Minutes:

Secretary minutes were read aloud to attendees. Motion made by Jim Kinns to accept and seconded by Rich Paris.


Treasurers Report:

Denise went over the Treasurer’s Report, there was $40,606.68 in the account. The Scholarship Fund has $4,001. 56. We received our annual funding from the Village of LG with a letter. Mike asked if we received the Town of LG’s donation and Denise stated check normally comes in January or February. Denise spoke to the Comptroller and we could get more funds and she will be applying for more next year. Denise asked if there were any questions (none). She also mentioned that bills are needed for any disbursements made. Motion made by Mark Ladu to accept the Treasurer’s Report – second by Mark Ramsey.



Trail Report:

Trail committee has been spearheaded by Pete and Jason. Mike went over who has volunteered for certain sections of trails. AJ will take care of some signing as well as Ed Bus. Nov 2nd a work party is scheduled to get culverts addressed on trails behind Bay Rd. Currently working on getting culverts donated by Bradley & Noxin; if they are unable to assist, Roger Saheim will work on prices for plastic culverts he buys by the tractor trailer load. Petteys Sawmill gave a good discount for lumber for replacement of bridges. Mt. Kenyon will not be doing the “glamping project” due to inability to get approvals. The 40+ signs taken down will need to be put back up. There is also a beaver dam that will need to be removed at top of hill.


Groomer Report

Mark Ladu discussed the small repair done last year to get the old groomer off the trail, track is dry rotted and in bad shape ($17K to repair). Other machines as mentioned last meeting are in good shape. Roger said the machine will sell; it is just a matter of when. There was a question posed on how many hours a groomer lasts. Roger said 6-7K miles; Mark said our machines takes more beatings due to landscape. Last year there were 1300-1400 miles/ 200 hrs on new machine.







Fundraising – a company called ENA Custom T-Shirts in Ballston Spa was found to do the attire. All purchases can be done online with certain dates set up, no shipping fee, no minimum and $100 set up fee for 2 logos (there is usually a $250 per logo fee). The club will get to set prices so we can make up what we make on each item. It was suggested that we look into drop ship; Denise said we have a $200 budget for fundraising. Rose O’Boyle made a motion to proceed with online fundraising, seconded by Mark.


Snow Squall Party – Roaring Brook has approached Mike about party there, Adirondack Bar & Grill was also mentioned as an option or the Holiday Inn.


Poker Run is another option to do this year, but suggestions to end somewhere other than Garrison due to size constraints.




Gas Logs – Bob Fearman will approach Stewarts about putting up boxes at trail ends to make donation of receipts a little more convenient for our riders. Someon asked if they could bring receipts to meetings and the answer is yes. Denise will submit all receipts at the end of the year.


Jason Halliday and Pete O’Neil are now on the Board of Directors.




Ed Bus asked about lifetime members and Denise stated the NYS does not do Lifetime Members it is a club thing. Denise explained how the vouchers work w/ NYS.


A question was asked about number of members, last year we had 739 and to date we had 198.


Greg Dunn asked about safety course and whether a date has been set. Greg will check on class availability & get back to Mike Zilm.


Jason asked about timeline on grant we applied for regarding groomers, it hasn’t been determined as of yet, but mentioned it is rare not to be awarded.


Next meeting location was mentioned. Simone Ramsey was kind enough to get us some signs where I will place in locations to advertise upcoming meetings.


Motion made by Matt Plummer to adjourn the meeting at 8:14pm – second by Mark Ladu.


Respectfully submitted by

Cindy Woodcock, Secretary of the South Warren Snowmobile Club

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