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September 9, 2019

Official minutes of the 09/09/2019 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Mike Zilm at the American Legion Post Hall.


18 Members in attendance

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.


Secretary Minutes:

President Mike Zilm asked Cindy to read the last Secretary minutes aloud. Motion made by Todd Amoroso to accept the Secretary’s Report – second by Jim Kinns to accept the minutes – unanimously approved.


Treasurers Report:

Denise went over the money in and money out since she took over in June of 2019 in all of the accounts. Jim Kinns asked what the groomer account is for; it is for purchases of groomer, not maintaining. Motion made by Bob Fearman to accept the Treasurer’s Report – second by Todd Amoroso– unanimously approved.




Trail Report:

There is not much information on trails at this time. President Mike Zilm has an idea to “adopt a trail” program where individuals sign up for certain sections of trails to maintain. Mike said to look out for Facebook posts about dates to start looking at trails. We do know that there will be a change in Mt. Kenyon and the trail will need to be re-routed to a different area. It is believed that Mark McLain sent out 30+/- COI to land owners.


Groomer Report

Lake George’s groomer was serviced in Spring by Mohawk Limited, the 2010 that Matt Plummer uses will be serviced soon. No issues with Roger Saheim’s groomer. The 2007 BR180 needs to be sold and looking to purchase a Piston Bully (500 hrs mint condition). There was a vote to sell the BR180 as is and replace with the Piston Bully, vote unanimous.




Elections: Some of the elected stepped down. Treasurer Mark McLain was replaced by Denise Kinns and Secretary Dawn Grant was replaced by Cindy Woodcock (Both elected stepped down). New officers were approved by President Mike Zilm.








There was discussion about what committees still remained and which we may need. During conversation, it was established that many committees dissipated and may need to be looked at. (Fundraising, advertising, snow squall party, etc). We did have Annie McMahon, Heather Dellavalle & Sarah Grogan step up for fundraising.


President Mike Zilm stated he would like to have members have the option to purchase apparel through Hallware which has an online store with a link that would be on our website to place orders. There was talk that we may be able to find a cheaper option and Heather/Annie & Sarah will report their findings at the next meeting.


Gas receipts are a revenue for the club and attendees thought we should broaden the number of gas stations we keep log books in. There was also discussion on how to get more people to fill the receipts out. Cindy will be putting together log books to drop off at various stations included but not limited to Stewarts in LG & Luzerne, Cumberland Farms in Luzerne, Stewarts on Aviation Rd., & other gas stations off Rt 149.


Motion made by Rose O’Boyle to adjourn the meeting at 8:11pm – second by Guy Miner – approved


Respectfully submitted by

Cindy Woodcock


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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