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Fuel Tax Assignment Form

April 7, 2019

Official minutes of the 4/7/2019 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Bob Grant at the American Legion Post Hall.


19 Members in attendance

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.


Secretary Minutes:

President Bob Grant stated that the March Secretary Minutes were online and passed out to all members in attendance. Motion made by Mark LaDu to accept the Secretary’s Report – second by Sheri Saheim to accept the minutes – unanimously approved.


Treasurers Report:

739 Members Dues Paid

All Bills Paid

$565 in gas receipts were collected and most of them came from the Groomers

It was stated that the Board were the only one’s to be told what the balance in the account was as this is not to be publicized

Motion made by Roger Saheim to accept the Treasurer’s Report – second by Sheri Saheim – approved.




Trail Report:

Mark McLain stated that the Bridge by Stewarts coming from Bovee’s was totally destroyed. He stated that he had taken down the stakes and signs. Mike Zilm stated that all the gates were closed and all of the signs on the trails had been taken down. There was discussion about using the school property in Lake George to go across to avoid the Bike Trail. More discussion with Lake George will pursue. Mark McLain stated that he had contacted Mount Kenyon and that they would be discussing keeping the 2 trails that run thru their property open next year.


Groomer Report

Mark LaDu stated that the groomers were looking good all except for the 2007 BR180 as new tracks were needed. After further discussion it was suggested to try to sell the groomer and replace it with a Piston Bully. Mike Zilm and Mark LaDu will pursue this further and look into the cost of purchasing another groomer in the fall.



President Bob Grant stated that the signs were all in good shape.





Ginny Russell Scholarship:

Mike Fazio stated that the applications were out to the seniors in the school and that they were waiting for the end of the month to pick them up. Kim Zilm and Mike will then review them and select the scholarship recipient.



Thank you to Larry and Bonnie Bennett and Edward Sinselgaly for their donations


Snowsquall Party:

President Bob Grant thanked Sheri Saheim, Dawn Grant and Coleen Flynn for the wonderful snow squall party that was held at the American Legion on March24.


Maple N April Festival:

President Bob Grant stated that the club would be selling hotdogs, hamburgers, sausage and peppers and bread dough on Saturday April 27, 2019 for the Maple N April Festival. As the car show will be held on Sunday April 28 and not Saturday April 27 it was suggested to speak to the committee and see instead of being set up at the park if they can be out on Rockwell Street. We need workers for this day and everyone is encouraged to help.





Mark McLain stated that he had filed the taxes for the club.


Election of Officers:

Mark McLain passed out the ballots for the election of the President and Matt Plummer and Mike Fazio counted the ballots.


The officers elected for 2019 – 2020 are as follows:


President - Mike Zilm Vice President - Roger Saheim

Treasurer - Mark McLain Secretary – Dawn Grant

Executive Director - Mark LaDu


President Bob Grant thanked everyone for their support over the years and stated that he would continue to support the club and serve on the Executive Team


Motion made by Mike Fazio to adjourn the meeting at 7:55pm – second by Sheri Saheim – approved


Respectfully submitted by

Dawn Grant


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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