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March 3, 2019

Official minutes of the 3/3/2019 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Bob Grant at the American Legion Post Hall.


16 Members in attendance


The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.


Secretary Minutes:

President Bob Grant stated that the January Secretary Minutes were online and passed out to all members in attendance. Mark LaDue stated that it was the Lake George Village Trucks that dumped the snow on the Bike Trail. With one correction made to the minutes - motion made by Mark LaDue – second by Butch Marcotte to accept the minutes – unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report:

735 Members Dues Paid

All Bills Paid – very low on funds.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Cindy Marcotte – second by Mark LaDue – approved.




Trail Report:

Roger Saheim stated that the trails were being groomed. All trails looking good. Mark LaDue said that there were great responses on Facebook of people loving the trails. Mike Fazio brought up about the “Dead End” sign up by Buttermilk. Mark McLain said that the signs would be covered during the winter time for snowmobilers as the Town of Warrensburg wanted them put up for the summer traffic.


Groomer Report

Mark LaDue and Damen said that the Groomers were doing very well and that they were very lucky that there had been no real problems. The only problem so far was that one of the groomers lost a Brake Drag behind it but they fixed it. They notified the groomers to keep an eye on the brakes freezing up. The rotator light on the Beacon had to have a new light put in.


Executive Report:

President Bob Grant said that Steve Blo had put in a nice write up for the club.



President Bob Grant said that Article XII was brought up at the last meeting stating that the bylaws can be amended by 2/3 of the members.


Change: The last meeting of the year will be the 1st week in March and not in April

After further discussion by all members a vote was taken:


Vote: All in favor of eliminating the April Meeting - 3 in Favor – 13 not in favor – vote not passed



President Bob Grant stated that everyone was praising the signage this year.




Snowsquall Party:

The Snowsquall Party will be held at the American Legion Post Hall on March 23, 2019. We are asking all members to please consider making a dish to bring to the party. Please contact Sherry Saheim or Coleen Flynn with what you will be bringing. Keep your eyes out on Facebook for more information.


Poker Run:

President Bob Grant stated that the Poker Run was very successful and Thanked everyone for all of their help that day. There were 104 participants. All extra poker chips will be given to Roger Saheim to be used for the next poker run. An idea was to find a better starting place where snowmobilers can have Breakfast and then a larger ending place.





Mark McLain stated that Town of Lake Luzerne Superintendent of Highways Ron Deuel had reached out to him about the Roads being torn up by Snowmobilers. Mark contacted the New York State Snowmobile Association and they said that there was special material to put on the roads to solve this problem. Mark McLain asked Ron Deuel to talk to the Highway Department in Old Forge. This is across from Dan Clute’s House and Towner Road. Some of the roads in Lake George were getting torn up also. Ron Deuel will put some stakes in the grounds where the groomers will cross the roads. More information to come.


Mark LaDue said that the Lake George Village Town Trucks were working with them in putting snow where it was needed. They have a great working relationship with the Lake George Village.


Maple Festival:

Mark McLain said that he had received the Permit for selling food at the Maple Festival on April 27, 2019.





Ginny Russell Scholarship:

Mike Fazio said that he will be meeting with Mike and Kim Zilm to go over the scholarship applications and will select a winner. April 12, 2019 is the deadline for the applicants. The check isn’t awarded until after the grades are received from the recipient in January showing that they completed one semester of college.


Gas Log Books:

Mark McLain said that he had picked up the gas log books and for the month of February there was 1000 gallons of gas purchased at the Stewarts. Mike Fazio mentioned to put the sign in book and a holder for the gas receipts at the beginning of the trail down by Stewarts. Down side was that the snowmobilers most likely will not stop there. A suggestion was to take a photo of these places and then show them to Stewarts Corporate of the other Stewarts places that have these books out by their gas pumps.



President Bob Grant brought up that the officers had all stated that they would run for office for another year and then he requested nominations off the floor:


President Bob Grant - Roger Saheim nominated Mike Zilm

Vice President Mike Zilm – Cindy Marcotte nominated Roger Saheim

Treasurer Mark McLain

Secretary Dawn Grant


President Bob Grant moved to close the nominations – Motion by Mark LaDue – second by Cindy Marcotte Nominations closed.


There will be a Ballot Vote held at the April Meeting.



The next meeting will be held on Sunday April 7, 2019 at 7pm at the American Legion Post Hall.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:44 pm.





Respectfully submitted by


Dawn Grant


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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