Poker Run 2019

January 6, 2019

Official minutes of the 1/6/2019 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Bob Grant at the American Legion Post Hall.


11 Members in attendance


Secretary Minutes:

President Bob Grant stated that the December Secretary Minutes were online and passed out to all members in attendance. Hearing no corrections to the Minutes motion made by Matt Plummer – second by Mark McLain to accept the minutes – unanimously approved.


Treasurers Report:

498 Members Dues Paid

All Bills Paid

Motion made by Bob Grant – second by Roger Saheim – unanimously approved




Trail Report:

President Bob Grant stated that with the snow arriving there most likely will be more trees to cut down and remove from the trails.


Groomer Report

President Bob Grant stated that all of the radios were in the groomers. There was discussion about programming the radios in the groomers.


Roger Saheim reported that he had spoken with Rob Ripp and that the new plans were submitted.

Executive Report:

No report



No Report



All ads are paid. $5000 was made for the year on the map.




Snowmobile Training Course:

Simone Ramsey reported that the Snowmobile Training Course was held on December 29th at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in Queensbury. There was a total of 14 people in attendance – 3 Adults and 11 children. Greg did a power point. There will be a class in North Warren on January 12th. Simone’s daughter is now a certified instructor. Next year it will be done earlier than December.


Snowmobile Race

There will be a snowmobile race held on Lake Luzerne on February 3, 2019. The Fire Company and SWSC will work together with selling hotdogs, coffee, and breakfast sandwiches. All entrance fees will come to the club.


Thurman Connection:

Ken Brooks and Ron Brooks stated that all of the signs were up for the Thurman Trails. They are working on the connection with the ski center. NYSSA has their internet map up and it is work in progress.




Lake George Winter Carnival:

President Bob Grant stated that he received a phone call from Lou, Lake George Winter Carnival chair, who stated that they wanted the snowmobile club to put on a poker run on the 2nd or 4th Saturday. The Lake George Winter Carnival Association will donate $1000 towards the SWSC for putting on this event. The end point would be at the Garrison. It was suggested to do the poker run by snowmobile or by vehicle. The suggestions of the places to attend were Duffy’s, King Neptune, Holiday Inn, Longhorn, American Legion, Adirondack Bar and Grill, Barnsider, Waterhouse Restaurant, Garrison. The suggestion was to hold it on Saturday February 9, 2019.


Snowsquall Party:

It was suggested to form a committee to look into holding the Snowsquall Party at the American Legion Post Hall. Further details will come at a later date.


The next meeting will be held on Sunday February 3, 2019 at 7pm at the American Legion Post Hall.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:33pm.





Respectfully submitted by


Dawn Grant


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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