Poker Run 2019

December 2018 - 12/2/2018

Official minutes of the 12/2/2018 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Bob Grant at the American Legion Post Hall.


15 Members in attendance


President Bob stated that at the executive meeting held in November the following Officers were elected to serve until the elections in April:

President Bob Grant

Vice President Mike Zilm

Secretary Dawn Grant

Treasurer Mark McLain


In April we will hold new elections and any member may run for office.


Secretary Minutes:

President Bob Grant read the November Secretary Report. Minutes approved by Roger Saheim – second Ed Bus – unanimously approved.


Treasurers Report:

371 Members Dues Paid

All Bills Paid

Motion made by Rich Watkins – second by Ed Bus – unanimously approved




Trail Report:

Mike Zilm stated that Roger Saheim and Matt Plummer put in 3 culverts and pulled stumps to make things smoother and wider behind Roaring Brook. Mike Zilm put up the signage over by the Adirondack Bar and Grill. Scott Smith will go behind the Adirondack Bar and Grill and check for trees. Bob Grant and Mark McLain cut trees down behind Mount Kenyon and Hole in the Woods. Ed Bus will check a trail out after hunting season. The trail behind Stewarts in Lake Luzerne the owner wants all of the metal gone so they will make sure that it is moved.


Groomer Report

Roger Saheim said that the Groomer Safety Meeting will be held on Sunday December 9 at Billy’s house. Anyone interested in driving the groomer should attend. On the LG PB Groomer the track was fixed, oil changed, and drags adjusted and greased. No one should be on the trails until the groomers are out first.


It was stated that the other groomer will go into the shop next week to be adjusted, greased, and oil changed.




Executive Report:

President Bob Grant stated that the Executive Board Meeting that was held at Waterhouse Restaurant was a very good meeting and everyone seems to be back on the right game track.

Albert Brooks resigned so Mark Ladu was appointed as a Board Member.



No Report



All ads are paid. West Signs will be making the Intersection signs. The New Maps should be arriving shortly.


Fundraising Committee:

Everyone will be working together to help with fundraising.




President Bob said that the trail behind Prospect Mountain is still a No Go. Mark McLain said that he spoke with Dan Stec about the property.


Mark McLain said that the snowmobile racing will be held on the Lake in Lake Luzerne the 1st weekend in February. The snowmobile club will be doing hotdogs, coffee and hot chocolate. It was decided to work with the Luzerne Hadley Fire Department.




The President of the Thurman Snowmobile Club Ken Brooks spoke on the Railroad Tracks and other Trail items. He stated that all 4 of the snowmobile clubs met together to see if they can l get connected on the trail system. He stated that last Monday they received the approval from Warren County for the railroad tracks which will run from Stony Ranch Resort to 418. He stated that they will work on the bridge and then it will be ready. Next year he requested that the County approve up to North Creek. The Town of Thurman made a new road that went over the railroad track, so they shut down the tracks as they were getting ready to get the rest of the train out from North Creek. They are also trying to open 2 more bridges from Harrisburg Lake to Dog and Pup. He stated that New York State is working on an electronic map for the entire state which they hope to have completed shortly. The State is also working on a Groomer Identification so that they know where they are, they will be a Beacon put in the groomers if nyssa and nys approve the plan.


Safety Course:

Greg Dunn will schedule the Safety Course on December 22 at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. Simone and Mark Ramsey requested more instructors. The forms will be put on the website.


Snowsquall Party:

President Bob asked for a chairman for the “Snowsquall Party.” No response so it was decided to have a committee. It was proposed to hold it not on the same weekend as the Snowmobile Races but one weekend in February.


The next meeting will be held on Sunday January 6, 2019 at 7pm at the American Legion Post Hall.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:41pm.





Respectfully submitted by


Dawn Grant


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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