Poker Run 2019

September 07, 2017

McLain called the meeting to order at 7:05pm


Mark told them the things we had done this summer and what had to be done (see attached document)

Mark told of the issues in Mt Kenyon and that he had a guy going in next week to fix the washout caused by the culvert that got plugged up and washed out 30 feet of trail and he will also remove the bridge going to Cicero and put in two large culverts.

Mike Zilm was recongonized for doing a great job with the Master Grant paper work.


Mike Zilm presented a picture of signs that would tell snowmobiles how far to go that would be donated by Davis and Davis real-estate. Mike will make recommendation on where they should go and present to the club.


Dan Glisten told us that Mike Charles club will not allow us to put a trail on their property and mark will try once again to seek Jim Pecks ok to cross his property (back side of prospect mtn)

No unpaid bills but running short of funds.



Meeting adjourned at 8:10

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