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Minutes for January 5, 2017

Snow Warren Snowmobile Club

Held at Adirondack Grill

Attendance 30 members. Meeting started at 7:10pm

Motion to accept last month’s minutes first Eddie, seconded Damien. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: There are 627 members. No unpaid bills

Trail Report: trails in poor condition not enough snow to groom. Prospect trail was groomed.

Groomer Report: nothing new on groomers. All 4 groomers are up and ready to groom.

Safety Course was held December 10, 2016. It was successful. 39 canaidates completed course.

Fund Raising: The Spaghetti dinner held in December had a very poor turn out. Group doesn’t want to do dinners anymore due to lack of people coming to them..

February 4th: Rock Maple Racing will be in Luzerne. We will be selling food and drink at the High School Parking Lot from 8-5. We need volunteers to help with concession stand. The entrance fee for the obstacle course style racing is $10.00.

The committee is setting up a poker run for Martin Luther King Weekend. This poker run will benefit the scholarship fund. The second poker run will benefit the club.

Don’t forget about the gas log books at The Stewart’s in Lake Luzerne and Lake George. Fill them out!

New Business: Signs are being posted near Bennett’s snowmobile tours to “slow down”, because of the tours in that area. DEC wants to meet to figure out parking at Million Dollar Beach. DEC will plow up near the ticket booth at prospect gate for 30 vehicles. There is also parking at transfer station in Lake George and West Mountain Road Parking lot. Mark is working with DEC at Raybrook to try and find a way round Prospect Mtn.

Mike Zilm is working on grant application. It is a work in progress.

The winner of the 50/50 was JImbo. He gave the money $60.00 back to the club.

Meeting adjourned 8:15. First Dave, Seconded by Lon. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Cindy Burch

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