Poker Run 2019

October 2016

October 2016 SWSC Minutes

September - Minutes accepted first by Mr. Finn?, seconded by Dave Coon, carried

11 members at meeting

Mark McLain held meeting, Bob Grant working out of town on Hurricane Matthew.

Treasurer report- Mark McLain

Currently 206 members

No unpaid bills

Mark did DEC report. DEC said we can take ATV on state property to fix trails. Anybody can work trails. No scheduled maintenance at this time.

Backside of Prospect is shut down. Mark was trying to working with property owner to get him to reconsider. Mark is also looking for ways to get around the backside of Prospect.

On 10/7/16 a crew consisting of Mark McLain, Tim Burch, Dave Coon, Lon Hill and Michael and Matthew (Tim’s grandsons) will fix bridge at Wilkie Pond.

Bridge behind Cerro’s needs a new culvert. Roger says 2 20’ft culverts will be needed. Mark is checking prices with Lane Piping.

The state has asked us to repair the bridge between groomer barn and Berry Pond. Club needs a work plan from state in order to proceed with repair.

Groomer Repairs: Bombardier track has issue, need computer program to fix, waiting on repair person from Bombardier to come take a look at it. LG groomer has a hydraulic leak. Need a tool box for the drag.

LG has new sidewalks, the contractor spoke to Mike Zilm, snowmobiles using sidewalks won’t be an issue.

Fund Raising Committee: Albert stated that there will not be a kick-off party. They are planning 3 spaghetti dinners: November 18, at the Waterhouse, benefits the Lions Cub

January 13, at the Adirondack Grill

Possible one in March at the Longhorn.

Hope to get some poker runs in this year.

There will not be a snowmobile and trailer raffle this year. Snowsquall party will raffle off laptop computer, TV and gift certificates from snowmobile dealers.

IP property has been worked. Mark is in process of putting up signs. Signage behind Ranch needs to be done.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45

Cindy Burch, Respectfully submitted



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