Poker Run 2019

September 2016

March – Minutes first by Mark Mclain seconded Albert Brooks – carried

Treasurer Report – Mark McLain

161 Members present

No unpaid Bills

All land leases paid ½ of payment due to not opening trails last year.

1st Albert Brooks, 2nd Hammer carried.


Mark did DEC report took over the Berry Pond Property and our suppose to be repairing the bridge poles are up to the groomer barn in Lake George but DEC hasn’t done it yet. Mark going to follow up.


Jim Peck property on back side of Prospect has shut property down from snowmobile use due to conflict with another property owner. Roger Saheim working on a plan.


Dave Jenkins has fence on top of trail from West Mountain that needs repair done to it will look at while out brushing this coming weekend.


Tim Burch brought up turning issue with the big Piston Bully – Hammer will get with Matt Plummer on issue and report back.


Fund Raising committee a slow summer made $600 doing dough up to the park.

Trying to work on a fall party at Waterhouse’s if a date can be set with Dan.

Date for the snow squall party needs to be set. Will be no trailer or sled to raffle this year.


Visit from Ken Brooks new president of the Thurman Connection would love to connect back up with SWSC he is working on it. They have roughly 80 miles of trails no loops and no Rail Road access. The Rail Road renewed the lease of tracks for another 5 years.


North Warren trail connect up date? Hammer will contact Mr. Hill and see what is going on with it.


Old Business:

No Snow last year really need a good year….


New Business:

Received call form old stage rd hunting club that jeeps have really ripped up that road with big ruts and all the club needs to take a look at it.


Brush Bar for Mogul Masters – committee set up consisting of Damon, Tim Burch, Ken and Mike Zilm


John Rotten resigned form Secretary voted on Cindy Burch take the secretary spot all agreed.


This Saturday will have a brush work party to do the local hunting camps trails before early bear starts.

Mark McLain had to leave for a fire call…


Ken Brooks let everyone know that Thurman club meeting our last Friday of the month at 133 Bear Pond Rd – Athlol NYMeeting adjourned at 8:10pm

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