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March 3, 2016

Minutes of meeting of swsc 3/3/2016 Last meeting of the year


McLain called the meeting to order at 7pm


Gave the treasurers report – No unpaid bills


615 memberships for the year


Mark talk about the funding from the NYS trail grant that we will not meet out objective of having approved expenses that will meet our funding and thus we will not be getting our 30% check.


Snowmobile registrations are way down in NYS, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


There is a possibility that we might not receive any funds from the trail grant program next year.


Discussion of effect on snowmobiling it will most likely take 2 years for it to swing back – dealers are not expected to take any more snowmobiles than they have to.


Mark told of the letter we received from the landowner in Warrensburg who has asked to stop using the trail thru his property as they are having a house built that if we still need to use the property the landowner would work with us on a reroute – since it’s a unfunded trail we will leave it closed unless Thurman club has a way to connect to there trial


Mark talked about getting the signs down and that the town of Lake Luzerne will allow us to use the 2nd bay in the old highway garage to store the 2001 piston bully and that Mark has ordered a new door for the front bay.



Meeting adjourned at 7:40

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