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February 4th 2016

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Meeting Minutes

February 4th 2016

American Legion – Lake Luzerne


  • Meeting called to order at 19:08

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept January’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

  • Motion to accept – Ed Bus

  • Motion passed.

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. Currently we have no unpaid bills. We recently paid 54K for a new/used Groomer and 18K for a new drag. We now have 4 groomers. The loan should be paid off by next year. We will be keeping both BR-180’s in Lake George. We spent 38K last year on the Lake George groomer alone.

  • Motion to accept – Albert Brooks

  • Seconded – Wes Eggleston

  • Mark McClain gave a membership report:

  • As of tonight’s meeting we have 605 paid members.

  • Mark McClain discussed with the club the issues with the Bike path and Jack Gillette.

  • Damon gave a brief Groomer Report. We spent approximately 1K last month on batteries and exhaust manifolds. Everything is now ready to go.

  • Mar McClain gave a brief Trail Report. There is really nothing to report other than the trails are ready, we just need snow.

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert gave the report.

  • The 15th annual snowsquall party is this Saturday, February 6th at the Longhorn. Jeremy will be doing everything this year as he did last year. Tickets are $15 before the party and $20 at the door. Everything is ready to go, the tents were put up today. Party runs from 1PM – 10PM.

  • Albert mentioned that the committee needs more help.

  • Albert asked for 5-6 people to help the day before the party setting up the tent

  • Mark McClain mentioned the upcoming Maple Fest. We will be selling items at the event to raise money.

  • We will also have 2 bays of storage in the town garage in Luzerne.

  • The next meeting will be March 3rd at the American Legion at 19:00.

  • Motion to adjourn: Arty

  • Seconded – Mark Ramsey















Approximately 17 in attendance.  

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