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December 3rd 2015

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Meeting Minutes

December 3rd 2015

American Legion – Lake Luzerne


  • Meeting called to order at 19:05

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept November’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

    • Motion to accept – Ed Bus

    • Motion passed.

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. Currently we have no unpaid bills, we have recently paid the groomer insurance payment

    • Motion to accept – Albert Brooks

    • Seconded – Ed Bus

  • Mark McClain gave a membership report:

    • As of tonight’s meeting we have 380 paid members.

  • Mark McClain gave a brief trail report:

    • 90% of the trail signs are up.

    • One missing link that we need to come through is the trail to the Garrison.

    • Last Sunday, the county mandated that we block off Jack Gillette’s property. Mark and Hammer went to put snow fence up around his property. Jack himself said that we were not allowed to put it up. We told the county that it is up to them now to deal with this issue.

  • Mark McClain informed the club the NYS has a new mandate. Clubs have to enter the groomer logs on line every month beginning this year.

  • Simone addressed the club to inform all members that the annual Snowmobile Safety Class will again be held at the Luzerne-Hadley Firehouse and will be from 8 AM until 4 PM this Saturday December 5th. Up to 45 kids may attend.

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert gave the report.

    • The annual Spaghetti Dinner at Ciros was a success. We ran out of food, approximately 110 people attended.

    • The snowsquall party is February 6th at the Longhorn. Please push raffle ticket sales. We are 2K short to pay for the sled, the trailer is paid for.

  • Mark McClain mentioned that all trails have now been brushed and the Berry Pond loop and prospect mountain are in good shape.


50/50 Tickets Sold


  • The 50/50 ticket was drawn. $40 to the winner.

    • Ticket #: 337008

    • Winner: Mark McClain. Mark gave the money back to the club.

  • The next meeting will be January 7th at the American Legion at 19:00.

    • Motion to adjourn: Arty

    • Seconded – Ed Bus




Approximately 20 in attendance.  

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