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September 2015

Monthly meeting
Sept 3, 2015
American Legion
Meeting called to order at 7PM by President, Bob Grant

Welcome and greetings. All meetings have been scheduled at the American Legion this year to promote full participation of all attendees. We will schedule other events (spaghetti dinners, etc.) to offset loss if revenue caused by loss of meeting(s).

Minutes read and accepted. Treasurers Report- Mark McClain

Insurance rider policy providing $10k/incident on trail-related incidents has been paid. Need to check to see if it also applies to groomers.

All groomers were provided free vouchers for season in appreciation of their work.

4 leases have been paid; these are no longer deductible per NYS.Only deductions allowed are labor and grooming time, so PLEASEkeep an accurate record.

All workers participating in work parties on state land MUST fill out a waiver for the State. This includes Buttermi91k, 4th Lake and Berry Pond loop.

Lake George boat washing station, held at LG Groomer Barn, paid for 2 years of electrical usage. Motion made (Albert) and seconded (Tim.
Trail Report- several contributors
Brushing to begin ASAP after the Labor Day holiday- look out for announcements.


Signs are in Lake George Groomer Barn. Mark M. will be undergoing surgery and needs help, several offered assistance. It will get done per expectations. 4th Lake will be done before he goes out. May need to wait a bit On Bennet's due to horse rides.

Hill behind ball fields near Groomer Barn have washed out and need repair. Bridge is OK for the year. No news on if Wild West will begin year round operations as zip line plans have been pushed back.

The post at Magic Forest needs to be moved. We will continue to install snow fence and signage. Mark/Bob G report more positive relations and are optimistic we will have no future issues.

IP leases in Beartown need to be brushed by 9/19 the start of early bear season.

There is a new gate on Reservoir Road; it has one of our regular locks on it.

Thurman Connection/Alden Ave/North Warren: We will need a new lease of $lk per year to reestablish trail off Alden Ave. There are several LARGEboulders that are blocking trail so we wait and see how it goes. There are still challenges with the connector trail to North Warren system, but they are working on it.

The bridge at Mt. Kenyon may have to be rebuilt to specs of DEC as the span may be over 30 feet now. Equipment Report- Mark Ladue
BR 180's are in good shape and have all fluids changed.
Discussion on whether Piston Bully needs/will be set to Mohawk Ltd
. Will check with Bill B. (Bob G.)

Mark announced his resignation as Director of Maintenance as he has accepted FT employment at Progressive- come buy some stuff from me. Damen was nominated as he has been of great assistance and knows what is expected. He gets quite busy with work during the winter months and may need additional help.

Landowners- Mark M.
Mostly positive with no issues forecasted. We will need to install snow fence on trail off of Lake Vanare

to keep folks on designated trail. Membership- Mark M.

NYS has raised the price by $5 this year. It is now $30 to join club. He will be out for a month or so, resulting in mail-in vouchers being delayed. Please use website.

150 members currently.
Fundraising Report- Albert
Sled for year-end raffle is almost paid for. Tickets are ready, let's have a good year! Slow summer selling dough due primarily to lack pf participation- need new members.

"Kick-off" Party to be held 10/10 at Waterhouse beginning at 3PM. This event will be outside and will feature various snowmobile related merchants from the area. Waterhouse has agreed to provide the food, bands are being arranged.

Snow Squall party will hopefully be moved back to February to support higher attendance.

Spaghetti dinners are being scheduled with one at Ciro's on 11/25. This will also be our annual food drive for the Lions Club.

Sweatshirts are available to order- see any committee member.


Old business

4 buckets of sealant were applied to Bike Path in Lake George. There are 2 years left on our lease. Mailboxes have been moved at Magic Forest to allow a straighter access to cross road to Wild West.

American Legion needs approval from Town to use current access. There is not much problem crossing the field, but the road is an issue.

A SWSC sign was donated by Bob G on the Bend of the River Golf Course.

New business

Gas logs are out at Stewarts in Lake George AND Lake Luzerne- PLEASEsubmit your receipts! We made $680 in gas tax last year.

American Legion meeting venue was a success. Much appreciated!
HH Hole in the Woods closing is 11/7
@ 9AM. All are welcomed/encouraged

hand. We will not be cooking this year due to Health Dept.
Next meeting to be held 10/1
@ 7PM at the Luzerne American Legion Meeting adjourned at 8PM 

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