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April 2, 2015

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Monthly Meeting April 2, 2015

Waterhouse Restaurant


Meeting called to order 7:15pm by President, Bob Grant

Last month’s minutes read by Bobby and accepted by Jimbo Randolph and Roger Saheim.


Treasurer’s report submitted by Mark McLain:

No unpaid bills

Major expenses: $36,666 in groomer repairs

$20,000 loan was paid in March

$11,000 spend in fuel

$1,670 on power for groomer’s building

Discussions followed on fuel additives and storage of fuel in tanks.

Mark informed us he was approached by Lake George boat washing requesting use of groomer building but Mark refused because our groomers are being worked on in barn.

Most of the trail signs have been taken down and the remainder will be removed once ground thaws.

860 paid members

Motion to accept Treasure’s report – Albert & Damon


Trails are officially closed

No equipment updates


Fundraising Committee report given by Albert Brooks:

Snowsquall Party 2015 held at the Long Horn Restaurant was very successful – 145 tickets sold.

Discussion followed regarding moving party date back to February.

We must put a deposit down if we want to order sled and or trailer for next year. Decided to order both.

Discussion on having a pre-season party to raise $$ at Waterhouse in Oct. We would be able to display

and sell tickets for equipment and clothing. We will look into getting a band to donate their

time and play at event.

Discussed getting new, updated graphics for sweatshirt/t-shirt stock this year.

Albert requested help from volunteers at Maplefest on May 25th. We will be selling hotdogs, burgers,

fried dough and sausage & peppers. The sausage & peppers will be prepared and donated

by Jeremy Carner of the Long Horn.


Discussion on getting our groomer pinstriped and Bobby & Roger agreed to research and get information.


Old Business: None


New Business:

Request from groomer masters to receive club vouchers for sled registration and it was voted yes.

Mark will check for damage at bike path.


Meeting adjourned 8:08pm / accepted by Roger Saheim & Eddie Buss


Respectfully submitted,


Catherine Silcher

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