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March 5th 2015

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Meeting Minutes

March 5th 2015

Garrison Restaurant – Lake George


  • Meeting called to order at 19:08

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept January’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

    • Motion to accept – Mark Ladu

    • Motion passed.

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. Currently we have no unpaid bills, but we are very low on cash due to paying excessive amounts in groomer repairs. Hopefully nothing else breaks.

    • Motion to accept – Barb Biondi

    • Seconded – Ed Bus

  • Mark gave the membership report. As of today we currently have 857 members.

  • Trail report from McClain. We will need help getting signs down. Mark took DEC out this last week onto Berry Pond Loop (Rob Ripp was the gentleman’s name). His job is to connect towns via recreational trails. They will replace our gates with their gates and allow us to have our lock over theirs. They also need help building a new bridge.

  • Mark McClain wanted to thank the groomer drivers for the excellent work they have done this year on the trail system.

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert gave the report.

    • The Snowsquall party will be at the Longhorn on March 14! $15 before the party for tickets and $20 at the door. Whippy and skittles will be there. The party starts at 1 PM and Jeremy will be putting food out all day long. There will also be paring across the street.

    • Jerry mentioned that we are still looking for more volunteers to join our club and committees. It would be great to get some youth involved.

  • Mark Ladu gave the groomer report. He mentioned that he has had more help this year than any other year. We have had some major breakdowns as well.


Break at 19:20 to sell 50/50 tickets.


  • Meeting returned to order at 19:45.

  • Mark McClain wanted to introduce the members of the NYS DEC & the Forest Ranger that were in attendance. They are interested in helping us make connections with other trail systems. We will be signed up under a stewardship agreement when we help them which will cover us under their insurance policy.


  • The 50/50 ticket was drawn. $55 to the winner.

    • Ticket #: 336708

    • Winner: McClain. Mark donated the money back to the club.

  • The next meeting will be April 2nd at Mollies Mason Jar at 19:00.

    • Motion to adjourn: Jay Biondi

    • Seconded – Mark Ladu




Approximately 24 in attendance.   

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