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January 8th 2015

South Warren Snowmobile Club

Meeting Minutes

January 8th 2015

Longhorn Restaurant – Lake Luzerne


  • Meeting called to order at 19:05

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept December’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

    • Motion to accept – Barb Biondi

    • There was a nay from the group. Johnny read last month’s minutes.

      • Motion to accepts: Arty

      • Seconded: Sherry Saheim

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. As of this meeting all of our bills are paid.

    • Motion to accept – Ed Bus

    • Seconded – Barb Biondi

  • Mark gave the membership report. As of the meeting we have 596 members. That’s approximately 200 less than this time last year.

  • McClain gave a brief trail report.

    • All trail shave been cleared except for berry pond loop. 2 Gates are still locked – Bennett’s trail and one going down to west mountain from Bennett’s.

    • You cannot download the maps to your GPS, Mark was miss-informed.

  • Hammer arrived to the meeting at 19:14.

    • Hammer mentioned that he is very proud of the members who put in a lot of hard work to get the trails cleared out over the past few weeks. Asked for a round of applause.

    • We recently ordered new pumps for the Lake George Groomer. They were ~$20K. They sent us the wrong pumps.

    • We are cutting a new trail from Prospect Mountain to help save time on the groomers.

    • We need one more good snowfall and we will be in business.

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert gave the report.

    • The Snowsquall party we be at the Longhorn on March 14!

    • The snowmobile raffle tickets are available for sale. The committee also has a number of items for sale on the website.

  • McClain informed the club that we are still currently experiencing issues with the email servers.

  • Hammer mentioned that we are still having land owner issues with the trail to the Holiday Inn.

  • DEC opened the gate for Prospect Mountain.

  • Hammer mentioned that there is no new news on Jack Gillette. His lawyer did send us a letter, but that has been addressed by our lawyer.

  • Hammer wanted to thank Simone and Mike Fazio for their help with the annual Snowmobile Safety course. 28 kids total attended and all passed.


Break at 19:44 to sell 50/50 tickets.






  • Meeting returned to order at 20:08.

  • Hammer mentioned that Mark McClain needs some help putting up snow fence at magic forest.

  • Roger Saheim will be working on the bridge this weekend.

  • Mark McClain wanted everyone to raise their glass and cheers in remembrance of Mike Russell.

  • Barb drew the 50/50 ticket. $50 to the winner.

    • Ticket #: 336543

    • Winner: Jimbo – Donated back to the club!


  • The next meeting will be February 5th at King Neptunes Restaurant at 19:00.

    • Motion to adjourn: Mark

    • Seconded – Ed Bus

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