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October 2nd 2014

October 2nd 2014

Adirondack Bar & Grill Restaurant


  • Meeting called to order at 19:00

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept September’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

    • Motion to accept – Albert Brooks

    • Seconded – Gerald Flynn

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. As of this meeting all of our bills are paid. We recently paid the groomer building insurance payment.

    • Motion to accept – Gerald Flynn

    • Seconded – Albert Brooks.

  • Hammer gave the groomer report, Mark is on vacation. The new 18’ X 8’ drag we purchased should be delivered by the end of the month. This should help significantly. Also, we have been working on a grant for next year for the purchase of a new groomer. We will be able to move back into the groomer barn by November 15th.

  • Hammer and Mark McClain gave the trail report. We still need to go behind the American Legion to check on the condition of that trail.

    • Overall, we should be in good shape for the start of the season.

    • Roaring brook is complete, and French mountain is nearly finished.

    • The club is looking for suggestions for clearing the trails for future years. Possibly making certain people responsible for different sections.

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert was introduced as the new chairman for the committee.

    • As always, the committee needs help.

    • The snowmobile raffle tickets are available for sale. The sled should be delivered to progressive within the next few weeks.

    • November 25th will be the first spaghetti dinner. It will be held at the Waterhouse and it will also be a can drive for the lions club as well.

    • March 15, 2015 will be the snowsquall party to be held at the longhorn.

New Business


  • Mark McClain informed the club that the million dollar beach parking lot is off limits.

  • The West Mountain parking lot was re-surfaced and came out great!

  • The map adds are almost sold out.

  • Tom Hill from the North Warren club mentioned that he may need some help to get us connected to their trails.

  • The potash road bridge is almost complete.

  • The trail to Warrensburg needs to be discussed. Do we open it but not groom it. We could simply post a sign warning that it is an un-groomed trail.

  • We will still have the gas log books this year, only at the Lake Luzerne and Lake George Stewarts.

    • Simone mentioned is people could bring in their receipts for the gas they pumped into their sleds.

  • Simone mentioned that she will try to get us an update on the Snowmobile Safety Class as soon as possible.

  • The bike trail commitment is signed – it is the same as last time.

  • Gerald Flynn is going to speak with the local bar owners in Lake George and the county to see about some more support for the bike trail.

  • All of the fuel tanks for the groomers now have level indicators.  

Hammer opened the floor for discussion. There were no comments/questions from the group.



Break at 19:40 to sell 50/50 tickets.


  • Meeting resumed at 20:04.

  • Leslie drew the 50/50 ticket. Winning ticket number 336103. The winner was Tim Burch. He donated the money ($130) back to the club.

  • Mark McClain wanted to remind everyone to track their time working on the trails.

  • The next meeting will be November 6th at the American Legion at 19:00.

    • Motion to adjourn – Ed Bus

    • Seconded – Albert Brooks































Approximately 24 in attendance.   

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