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September 4th 2014

September 4th 2014

Ciros Restaurant


  • Meeting called to order at 19:00

  • Mark McClain made a motion to accept April’s meeting minutes without Johnny reading them.

    • Motion to accept – Albert Brooks

    • Seconded – Gerald Flynn

  • Mark McClain read the treasurers report. As of this meeting all of our bills are paid.

    • Motion to accept – Albert Brooks

    • Seconded – Ed Bus

  • Fundraising Committee Report – Albert

    • We sold approximately $800 in fried bread dough at the Hadley Park this summer.

    • Tickets for the Ski-Doo and Trailer are available. 11 ft. triton and 600 MXZ. We will not be raffling them off until the snow-squall party.

    • HH Hole In The Woods asked for help cooking this weekend. Their event runs from 11-2.

  • Hammer gave a brief trail report. We will be having a brushing committee this weekend at 8AM. This will give us a good idea of the trails.

  • Mark McClain informed the club that the Berry Pond Loop formal closure will not come until the end of the winter. The State is purchasing the land.

  • McClain also informed the Club that the state removed 10 miles of trail C4. We will not know until October. They also gave us 2 extra miles of S42.

    • The bridge to potash should be opened by the end of September.

  • Mark McClain read the Membership report:

    • As of today we have 130 members.

  • Mark McClain met with the mayor of Lake George, all of the boat wash equipment that is at our Lake George groomer barn will be out by November 15th. They had 14,000 boat washes between the 3 stations.

  • Hammer informed the club that we did sign the lease for the bike trail. It is another 3 year deal.

  • Mark Ladu gave a groomer report. Bill Brandt has fixed the piston bully (new front end). We also bought a new drag this fall. It is an 18’ X 8’ drag. It will be delivered in October. Also, the Lake George groomer received some minor maintenance, should be running much better this year.

  • The Snowmobile Safety course will be set up again this year. It will likely be in September around the holiday break. It is for 10 yr old and up.

  • We will let everyone know next meeting about the Spaghetti dinner.

  • The next meeting will be October 2nd at Adirondack Bar & Grill at 19:00.

    • Motion to adjourn – Colleen

    • Seconded – Albert Brooks




Approximately 13 in attendance.   

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