December 2022

Official minutes of the December 2022 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 1000 Acres at 7:14 pm on 12/5/22 by President Mike Zilm. Other officers in attendance, Roger, Denise & Cindy.
32 Members in attendance including officers

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.

Secretary Minutes:

Meeting minutes were read, motion made by Guy Miner to accept, second by Jeff Baertschi.

Treasurers Report:

In November of 2022 our expenses were $8,994.96 and income was $1,179.54. Bank balances are as follows: checking – $57,774.92, groomer – $22,500.28 and scholarship – $1,111.56. Motion to accept by Bob Fearman and seconded by Jeff Baertschi. Denise made a suggestion to increase the scholarship fund by $1000 from the checking account, Motion made by Matt Plummer & second by Shawn Wickham – passed.


Trail Report:

  • –  The bridge on the backside of Prospect has been repaired, and trails cleared out
  • –  LG side is pretty good, and signs are up
  • –  Luzerne bridge on pole line is fixed, old AJ Brooks trail cleared & signed and between Silver Bridge and Bons is brushed.
  • –  We have not received permission to clear behind Penial, about a mile is very rough.
  • –  The bridge by groomer bard in LG needs to be redocked, the base seems solid.
  • –  Mt. Kenyon needs a bridge.
  • –  Mayo property is opened back up but will need to be repaired next year.
  • –  Field behind Stewarts in Luzerne is good to go.
  • –  The Saratoga Snowmobile Assoc. put the fencing up around the Bend of the River; important for all to follow the path.
  • –  Mike met with the DPW folks to go over maps. They are cracking down on trails that don’t go anywhere. Secondary trails should go to an establishment or scenic view. We are losing funding on S47 from 4th Lake to transfer station.
  • –  Discussed corridor trails & reclassifying, they are removing funding from non-essential to add corridor trails in NY. Question was raised to see if there were any petitions to be signed, the answer was no.
  • –  West Mtn. parking lot trail was cleaned up, 3 culverts are still there that were installed last year.
  • –  Turn leaving LG groomer bard will be rerouted by Roger.
  • –  Thurman Connection report by Brooks’ – trials were cleared and signed; swamp needs to freeze & platform done. Hickory Hill needs to reroute around the washout, used excavator to smooth

out & bandaid until a permanent fix next year Some trails being rerouted. Alden Ave will be groomed to where we pick up & they are always looking for volunteers. The Hickory Hill Ski Center has been renovated off the trail. 10 am on the following Saturday will be a work party. They have lost 50 miles of trails in the last 8 years.

– Saratoga Snowmobile Assoc. report by Ron Mueller: they are in good shape. There is logging near Tinneys so be aware and trails near there will be plowed.

Groomer Report

Luzerne machine is back and in good shape, ready for snow. LG’s machine needs batteries but otherwise in good shape. Jason wants the operators to reach out to him if they want to be put on the schedule or if you want to learn reach out. Justin Hunt is to take over Matt’s machine and Shawn Wickham will be the wingman.

Fundraising Report

No report

Map Committee

Mark Ramsey & Matt Driscoll heading this up. They need updated landowner permission forms. They got a great start with the GIS system from the county. All the information is gathered and needs to be entered into computer & alphabetized. The next step is to get letters out; Roger suggests putting letter out in the Spring. Good progress was made.


Snowmobile class only has 6 people interested; we are suggesting they go to a neighboring club to find a class unless we have more interest.


Website needs updating – Cindy to spearhead this.
Motion made by Matt Plummer to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 pm – seconded by Guy Miner.

Respectfully submitted by Cindy Woodcock
South Warren Snowmobile Club

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