December 2021

Official minutes of the December 2021 South Warren Snowmobile Club Meeting called to order at 9 North at 7:08 pm by President Mike Zilm.

18 Members in attendance

The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.

Secretary Minutes:

The minutes were read aloud, there was a correction and a suggestion. Denise said the wording for gas receipts were unclear. The $6 and change was just what we earned from personal snowmobile riders and not our groomers. Jason Halliday suggested putting in balances in the minutes under the Treasurer’s Report section. Motion made by Zak Dake to accept, seconded by Mike Mahoney.

Treasurers Report:

For November, total receipts = $3,026.36, total expenses = $5,533.29. Bank balances are General Fund $55,149.93, Groom Fund Savings – $87,482.46 & Scholarship fund of $2,071.56. Motion made by Jason Halliday to accept, seconded by Bob Fearman.


Trail Report:

90% of signage is up in LG, not sure about LL.

Backside of Prospect – beaver dam was removed; it is suggested we put pallets to bridge it so snow will cover.

LG Groomer Barn – re-route trail is complete, bushed and signage placed.

West Mtn – 2 culverts, placed and boulders moved (good improvement), but more work could be done.

Old Thurman connection trail trying to get back online, had a landowner issue.

There is a work party scheduled for Sunday 12/12 @ 8am at LG groomer barn to tackle two projects.

No announcements will be made about N Warren Trails until they make announcement as they have done the leg work.

LL held meeting & using the bridge passed. All paperwork was sent to DOT, hoping to get answer by EOY. Still waiting on the Board of Supervisors to approve use of railroad tracks.

Groomer Report

Groomers just need servicing. Will find out when we take possession of the new one and radio needs to be put in from the one we sold.

Fundraising Report

Information was mailed to us about snowmobile racing, looking into that. Snow Squall to be spearheaded by Denise and hopes of having it at 9 North. It was suggested we do a Poker Run as a weekend event instead of one day, especially if we are linked with other clubs.


So far, we have about 17-18 signed up for our safety training class, suggested we reach out to other groups.

Next year we need to think about maps and make sure GPS is taken this year. It was suggested we get something to put in the groomers as they get all the trails.

A couple questions were asked:

Question was asked who our sponsors are, I told him it depends on what for. We contact people when we have an event. Matt Driscoll would be interested in helping on the next event and his email was noted.

Question about parking ½ way up Butler Pond; answer is no.

Motion made by Heather Dellavelle to adjourn the meeting at 8:01 pm – second by Pete O’Neil

Respectfully submitted by

Cindy Woodcock


South Warren Snowmobile Club

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