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Trails Partially Open



Hello Everyone,Quick trail condition update – Its not pretty out there, not even close, but there are some sections of trail that are passable if you are patient enough to navigate your way through the rocks.  The washouts and mudholes are pretty much frozen solid so that’s good but we really don’t have enough snow for any meaningful riding.  However, we are going to open a limited section of trails as highlighted on the map below.  The Lake George part of the trail system will be open on a limited basis but please understand the remainder of the trail system is basically closed until we get more snow.  Most of the trails have been cleared and are navigable but we don’t encourage anyone to ride them.  The rocks are just painful.  The trail up Prospect Mtn is beautiful (like always) if you want to rip up something nice.  You can get from the Stewarts in LG to the Longhorn in Lake Varnare.  You should be able to get to the Hitching Post Tavern too.  Holiday Inn should be accessible too.  You can not get into downtown Luzerne so please don’t try it.  We will update the map if things change.

The connector trail to Northern Warren trail system is also open if you dare to navigate their rocks.:)

Think snow!



I know everyone is anxious to ride but Mother Nature has been off to a slow start.  The cold weather is finally here so the washouts and mudholes are finally freezing solid.  We have been actively brushing trails, clearing downed trees, replacing culverts, and improving the signs while we wait for snow to arrive.  On average, we don’t normally open the trails until mid-January so this season is pretty typical.  I can count on one hand how many times we have opened the trails in December and when we do we always seem to get that dreaded January thaw and we have to start over.  The upcoming storm predicted for this Monday is looking promising for our area and with any luck we can start opening our trails.  However we can’t make a move until the storm passes and we see what’s on the ground!  If we do get enough snow please understand it takes a good 2-3 days to get gates open and hazards cleared so please be patient.  Everyone involved in opening the trail system has their own snow removal to deal with so we will make an announcement when the trails are officially open. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the help we’ve had over the past few months.  Shane Mahieu and Pate Aitkin GPS’d all of our trails last month to help us meet a NYS funding requirement.  Jason Halliday, Pete O’Neil, Roger Saheim, Bob Fearman, and Matt Plummer did an incredible job putting up trails signs.  Jim Kinns recently built some new intersection “you are here” map signs to help folks navigate their way around the trail system better.  There were so many people that helped brush the trails this year that I wouldn’t dare try to name everyone because surely I’d miss someone.  Denise Kinns (our treasurer) and Cindy Woodcock (our secretary) have done an incredible job handling the day-to-day administrative work.  We are all very fortunate to have such an incredible group of volunteers putting in countless hours of their own time to make this trail system one of the best in New Your State.  But most of all none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of our local landowners!!  Without the use of their land we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sport we all love!

As many of you know we are connecting to the Saratoga Snowmobile Association trail system via the tracks to Corinth but the SSA club manages that connection so they will only open that trail when they deem the snow cover sufficient for safe snowmobile travel.  We are also connecting to the Northern Warren Snowmobile Club trail system this year via a connection trail to Warrensburg.  The map below shows the approximate location in the upper left corner of the map but we will have signs pointing you in the right direction.  Hours and hours (actually years) of hard work happened in the background to accomplish this long awaited connection.  I can’t thank the hard working crew in the Northern Warren Club enough for facilitating this community connector.  They did all of the heavy lifting to make this connection a reality.  Again, they will manage that trail and control when it is safe to open.  We are also eyeing a connection to Hickory Hill ski mtn which would connect us to the Thurman trail system via the 418 bridge.  So despite us losing our connection to Washington County (which we hope to get back someday) we have been busy making our trail system connected to neighboring clubs, which will make us a premier riding destination! 

Hang in there folks.  Snow will eventually get here and we will get the trails open as soon and safely as we can.

Think snow!

Mike Zilm
SWSC – president

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Don’t forget if you need gas for your snowmobile or other off road vehicles to buy your gas at these station where we have our gas log books out

Stewarts – Lake George Rt 9
Stewarts– Lake Luzerne Rt 9n
Stewarts – Queensbury Rt 149
Stewarts – Queensbury Aviation Rd

Save receipts, fill out log and mail (if can’t be left locally)

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Fuel Tax Assignment Form

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Monthly Snowmobile Meetings: 2021-2022

The meeting schedule will be the first Monday of every month at 7pm from September thru April.

The meeting locations are:

November 8 – 9 North Pizza & Pub – 7pm

These establishments support snowmobiling and our club.

Please support those who support our sport!!

On Trail

The American Legion Post 862

Lake Ave, Lake Luzerne, NY 
Stop in and have a cold one; located right off the trail by the pole lines!

The Longhorn Restaurant & Pub

1379 Lake Ave., Lake Luzerne, NY 12846
(518) 696-5655
Most charming Adirondack dining with room for the whole family. Full menu from shrimp scampi to homemade kids mac n cheese. Famous pulled pork nachos and Tiffany’s made from scratch soups. Enter as guests, leave as friends! 

Holiday Inn Resort LG & TR’s Restaurant

2223 Canada St., Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 668-5781
TR’s Restaurant is open 6:30am-10pm Weekends & until 9 Weekdays
TR’s Restaurant is open all season with award winning wings & ribs 

Adirondack Bar & Grill

982 State Rt 149, Queensbury, NY 12804
Open 7 Days a week – 11am – 10pm
Full service restaurant, lunch & dinner, full length bar, outdoor deck with bar & dining. Located at the center of South Warren and North Warren Trails 

Roaring Brook Ranch

2206 NY-9N, Lake George, NY 12845
Open 7 days a week
Local hotel offering snowmobile packages for SWSC members; in house restaurant.
Watch for events and specials. 

Pine Point Cottages & Motel, LLC

1369 Lake Ave, Lake Luzerne NY 12846
(518) 696-3015
Rustic cottages and motel located directly on the trail system right next to LongHorn Restaurant and Pub. Open year round! 

Not on Trail

DeMattos Insurance Agency, Inc.

Tony DeMattos Jr.
158 Ridge St, PO Box 2022,
Glens Falls, NY 12801
M-F 8:30 to 4:30
Property, Casualty, Snowmobile, Auto, Home, Umbrella, Business/Commercial Insurance 

Lake George Auto/Marine

1827 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845
Open M-F 8 to 6 and Sat 8-3
Your stop for snowmobile belts, oil, plugs and batteries. 

Dunhams Bay Resort

2999 State Route 9L,
Lake George, NY 12845
Year round resort with a restaurant “The View” (open for dinner at 5pm)
The Resort is operational, check website for up to date information 

Premier Powersports

510 Palmer Ave., Corinth, NY 12822
Pre-owned powersports sales including ATV’s, Snowmobiles, MotorcyclesNew Blizzard Snowmobile Trailers, Venture Boat Trailers & Princecraft Pontoon Boats! 

Progressive Motorsports, Inc.

3058 State Rt 4, Hudson Falls, NY 12839
Your Full Line Ski-Doo Dealer!




Our Pledge

  1. I will be a good sports enthusiast, and respect private and public property and the rights of all winter riders.
  2. I will not litter trails or camping areas, I will not pollute streams or lakes, I will pack out everything I pack in.
  3. I will respect other people’s property and rights.
  4. I will make myself and my snowmobile available to assist search and rescue parties. In the case of emergency, I will volunteer assistance.
  5. I will not damage a living tree, shrubs, or other natural features.
  6. I will not harass hikers, skiers, snowshoers, ice fishermen or other winter sportsmen. I will respect their rights to enjoy our recreational facilities.
  7. I will not harass wildlife and will avoid posted property. I will not snowmobile where prohibited.
  8. I will stay on marked trails, roads, or areas open to snowmobiles.
  9. I will obey all posted speed limits.
  10. I will obide by NYSSA rules of conduct and all NYS Laws that effect snowmobiling.

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